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Paket Bundling Bellezza Bellona


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Mesin Bellezza Bellona 

  • Dual boiler
  • Vibration pump
  • Saturated brew head
  • Pump pressure manometer
  • Digital PID-control unit
  • Leverventil
  • Programmable dosage
  • Pre-infusionadjustable
  • Brühgruppe, Boiler und Siebträger made of 304 stainless steel; no contact with copper brass
  • 500 mL brew boilercapacity
  • 1liter steam boilercapacity
  • 1,8liter water tank external
  • Fixed water connection
  • Power2000W/220V


Grinder Astoria 64E

Type Astoria 64E
Hopper Capacity 1500 gr
Dimensions  (mm) WxDxH 230x615x270 mm
Weight (kg) 13 kg
Power 350 watt
Automatism Electronic
Burr Size (mm) 64 mm
Doser Regulation On Demand
Doser Counter Yes (Digital)
Blade Type Flat Burr
Color Black, White
Price Rp 14.250.000