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Xpresso – Sumatra Grape Sinatra – Nespresso Compatible


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Xpresso – Sumatra Grape Sinatra – Nespresso Compatible

ORIGIN : Sumatra, Aceh Gayo
ALTITUDE : 1200-1500 mASL
PROCESS : Semi Washed
VARIETAL : Ateng Super, Bourbon, Typica, LINI-St
TASTE PROFILE : Sweet, Red Cherries, Grape, Chocolate Texture, Orange Acidity, Creamy, Heavy Body, Clean

Harvested from the Gayo Highlands, this coffee was grown at a minimum of 1200m above sea level. Expect a consistently thick, creamy texture out of this coffee. Giling Basah is one of the most common post-harvest processes in this region due to its uncertain weather. Trust that a combination of wet-hulled and medium-dark roasting profile would be a killer combination as an espresso. Awesome for milk too!

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